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The G4C Awards has an incredible decade-long history of honoring impact games and XR experiences. Over the years, Games for Change has continued to celebrate games that are changing the landscape of what it means to be a game that makes a difference - a game for change.

Check out some of the recent Games for Change Awards winners below!

Best Gameplay: Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Sketchbook Games)
Most Innovative: Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Sketchbook Games)
Most Significant Impact: Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (ustwo games)
Best Learning Game: The Wednesday (Gambridzy)
Best XR for Change Experience: Quadcade (MICA Game Lab)
Best Student Game: SYNDESI (SYNDESI Team, Produced by Léa Pernot and Adrien Daugy of ISART DIGITAL)

Vanguard Award: Mark Barlet
Industry Leadership Award: Niantic Inc.
G4C Giving Award: Games Done Quick
G4C People's Choice Award: Suzerain (Torpor Games)
Game of the Year: Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (ustwo games)


Best Gameplay: Sky: Children of the Light (thatgamecompany)
Most Innovative: Dreams (Media Molecule)
Most Significant Impact: Sea of Solitude (Jo-Mei Games)
Best Learning Game: Rabbids Coding (UBISOFT)
Best XR for Change Experience: The Holy City (Nimrod Shanit / Holy City VR)
Best Student Game: Resilience: The Game (Sungrazer Studio)

Vanguard Award: Gordon Bellamy
Industry Leadership Award: Microsoft
G4C Giving Award: Humble Bundle
G4C People's Choice Award: Sky: Children of the Light (thatgamecompany)
Game of the Year: Dreams (Media Molecule)

Best Gameplay: GRIS (Nomada Studio)
Most Innovative: Tendar (Tender Claws)
Most Significant Impact: UNICEF Kid Power (UNICEF USA)
Best Learning Game: Assassin's Creed Discovery Tour: Ancient Egypt (UBISOFT)
Best XR for Change Experience: Homestay (Paisley Smith, The National Film Board of Canada)
Best Student Game: Prism (Yidi Zhu, Dan Wolpow, Ridima Ramesh, Yutian Zheng, Xueyang Wang)

Vanguard Award: Lindsay Grace
Industry Leadership Award: UBISOFT
G4C People's Choice Award: Assassin's Creed Discovery Tour: Ancient Egypt (UBISOFT)
Game of the Year: Nintendo Labo (Nintendo)


Looking for more past winners of the G4C Awards program? Check out the G4C games page to learn more!