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What is the Submission Deadline?

  • The submission extended deadline is February 13, 2023.

When will I know if my game is a finalist?

  • We appreciate your patience during the judging process! Finalists will be notified directly by email in June 2023. We will also reach out to all non-finalists to inform them of their status at that time. Finalists will be announced to the public in a press release and on the G4C blog in June 2023.

Is there a submission fee?

  • No fee is required.

Can I nominate a game that I like to the Awards?

  • All nominated games must be submitted by the game's creators. If you are not the creator, you cannot directly nominate a game for the awards, but you can email awards@gamesforchange.org with suggested titles. We often reach out to noteworthy games!

Can I submit multiple games?

  • Yes, please feel free to submit more than one game as long as it fits our eligibility and submission requirements.

Can I submit to multiple Award Categories?

  • YES! Game creators should complete one entry form for each game they want to enter into the awards competition. They can then select which award categories to enter their game into on the submission form.
    Please note that college-level students may enter their game projects in the Best Student Game award category, but the game will not be eligible to compete in other award categories. Best Board or Tabletop Game for Impact are also ineligble to compete in other award catagories. See here for full eligibility requirements.

Is the Best Learning Game Award limited to educational games for the classroom?

  • The Best Learning Game category is not limited to educational games designed for the classroom. Examples of types of learning include cognitive skills (academic subjects, memory), social/emotional skills (empathy, bullying), physical health (movement, nutrition), and creative well-being.

Is the Best Health Game Award limited to games administered in a hospital or wellness center? 

  • Any game that explicitly promotes/develops the positive health and wellness of its users may be submitted in this category. This category includes (but is not limited to) games that promote physical activity/exercise, mindfulness/meditation, nutritional tracking/training, etc

Can I resubmit a game that was previously submitted to the G4C Awards?

  • No. If a title has been submitted to the G4C Game Awards in past years, it cannot be re-submitted to the 2022 competition regardless of updates, expansions or new platforms.

Does my game need to be in English?

  • English will be the primary language in which the jurors review games. Submissions are welcome to be in other languages; however, we cannot guarantee that the review can be as comprehensive due to the language barrier. 

Can the jurors give me feedback about my game?

  • Due to the volume of submissions we receive, jurors are unable to provide feedback to submitters.

Can I submit a physical game to the G4C Awards?

  • Yes! This year will be the first time we are accepting board and tabletop games. Please see the details here.

Can I submit a digital game that has physical components to it?

  • Yes! However, if your game uses physical materials, or requires custom hardware or wearables, we will ask that you record and upload a short video demo of your game to share with the judges. Make sure that you upload this video to your supporting materials, or share an unlisted YouTube link with us. 

When are the winners announced?

  • Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony, which takes place during the G4C Festival (July 18-20, 2023).

What does the jury process look like?

  • Games will be played by a panel of experts, including leaders in games, learning, social impact, media, and technology. The review process will include three rounds of evaluation. At the end of the evaluation, G4C will recognize four finalists in each award category, from which winners will be determined. Jurors remain anonymous throughout the review process but will be thanked and recognized during the G4C Awards Ceremony. G4C and its board members do not determine any of the finalists - the 2023 G4C Awards jurors make all selections and nominations.

Where can I stay informed about G4C Awards & Festival Announcements?

I have a different question! How can I reach out?

  • Reach out to the G4C Awards team at awards@gamesforchange.org with any additional questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!